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Bubble Soccer



Bubble Soccer is sure to bring tons of laughter, smiles, and fun to any event! Suited up in an inflated bubble, players will have a blast bumping, rolling, and colliding with one another - all the while trying to play soccer. Players legs are exposed allowing them to run, dodge, and kick, making bubble soccer the best party in town!


Bubble Soccer is suitable for almost anyone but works best for individuals at least 4' tall. From kids birthday parties & team parties, to bachelor parties & large corporate events, everyone will have an absolute blast.

     If you haven't yet tried this crazy, wacky, unbelievably hilarious sport, you've got to get in touch!

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Arrow Tag


Now this, you've got to try! Channel your inner archer and shoot our foam tipped arrows to try and take out the opposing team. Using full size bows and arrows, you'll have a blast trying to strategize your path to victory. Work your way up the field while taking cover behind the bunkers to avoid getting picked off from the oncoming onslaught of arrows. Pick your timing right and fire back at your opponents until they've all been hit!

Suitable for ages 10+, let Arrow Tag be the talk of the crowd for your next event. Perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, team parties, corporate team building events, and so much more!

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